I've been training actors since I received my MFA in Performance from the University of Georgia. I use a wide range of methodologies to teach actors how to perform with passion, presence, and skill. I love training individual actors as well as ensembles. My work with ensembles is based in creating a sense of play and a desire to work together to make exciting and strong work. I've taught one on one, in private studios, and university courses. I offer coaching for auditions or an extra eye on theatre pieces. Please contact me to discuss pricing and availability of coaching!

“I was lucky enough to be involved in the first two acting Conservatories at the Rogue. The experience was exceptional. Matt Bowdren is an extraordinary actor who was willing to share his knowledge and experience with us, and who treated us as friends and colleagues as well as students. The work was intense, challenging and ultimately extremely rewarding.”
— Mark Klugheit - student

Interview with Matt Bowdren about actor training

Matt is a wonderful teacher. His energy, enthusiasm, and passion for theatre are evident in his communication with students. He is especially successful his ability to motivate students to active, 100% engagement in whatever skill, exercise or direction he presents. Matt is able to create and instill a sense of collaboration and teamwork, two essential qualities of good theatre.
— Dr. Deborah Davis - student